Rules and Guidelines

Download a printable version of the Pitser Garrison Convention Center Rental Contract.

Download a printable version of the Pitser Garrison Convention Center Rules and Guidelines.

When setting up for the event, all unloading must be done through the back entry area. This includes all items for any event or exhibit, including fixtures, materials, displays, decorations, supplies and other miscellaneous items. Parking spaces are available, including a drive-up loading dock. When the event is over, the back entrance must be used to remove any items brought in. The front lobby area is for guests and visitor use only.

If the facility is not occupied, the renter may procure the facility the day prior to the event at one-half the rented rate for decorating or other event prep from 8 am – 5 pm, no matter what hours are contracted for the actual event.

By renting the facility, the Renter receives the fully contracted hours of the rental. Any un-contracted time extending beyond midnight will be billed at $200/hour and $300/hour beyond 2 am.

No spray painting is allowed inside the building. No direct painting or spray painting on the grass or any hard surfaces are allowed on the outside area of the building or parking lots. Any decorating prep using power tools or other un-affixed items on the outside premises must first have Convention Center Director approval. Candles are permissible, but must have an enclosure; no open flames are allowed per Building Fire & Safety Codes.

Decorations, signs, banners and similar materials may not be taped, nailed, pinned, bolted, tacked, stapled or otherwise fastened to ceilings, doors, walls, glass, columns, painted surfaces, fabric or decorative walls without approval by the Convention Center Director. Easels are available to use for signage.  Signage found taped or otherwise attached to walls, glass or doors will be taken down immediately by the Convention Center staff and the Renter will be financially responsible for any damage that is caused. Any floor tape to be used on carpeted areas must be approved in advance by the Convention Center Director, and Renter will insure that they are responsible for removing all floor tape used from all floor surfaces immediately following the event. Acceptable types of floor tape are cloth and gaffer’s tape. Duct tape is not acceptable.

Glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed and/or sequins are not allowed, and an additional clean up fee of $100 will be charged when used. Renter may be required to put plastic under decorations that are to be set on carpet (ie bales of hay). Bales of hay must be pre-treated with a flame-retardant chemical.

Per Building Fire & Safety Codes, no open-flame cooking is permitted inside or outside of the Convention Center. Open-flame cooking is only permitted on the back of the Convention Center’s lowest area parking lot, below the loading dock area. No food preparation of any kind is allowed on the top dock area.  At no time shall preparation of food or cooking of food, nor food sales, be allowed on the front Plaza area. Please note the Convention Center does not provide tables or chairs for events outside the building.

No portions of the sidewalks, entries, plaza, walkways, passageways, doors, aisles or other means of access to the public utilities of the premises shall be permitted to be obstructed, nor shall any window or lighting fixtures be obstructed.

No vehicles or other drivable equipment shall be driven onto or parked on any sidewalk or entry into the Facility without prior approval by the Convention Center Director.

The concession stand is not available for rental. Pre-arranged concession sales by the Convention Center is available. The Convention Center does not allow customer/vendors to sell food or drinks inside the building or on the immediate premises.

Any event or exhibit booth requiring any additional 220 electrical connection will be charged $150 for the Convention Center to procure a licensed electrician to connect the appropriate wiring to the Convention Center’s electrical main prior to the event date.

Prior to the event, if it is agreed through the Convention Center Director, Convention Center staff will hang any large signs or banners inside the building. They must be delivered to the Convention Center three (3) days prior to the event. Once the event’s setup is in place, the staff will not be able to re-set or hang late deliveries.

The Convention Center Staff will set up the facility in accordance with a floor plan developed by the Convention Center Crew Foreman and renter during a scheduled accommodation meeting at least two (2) weeks before the event. At that time, the renter and Crew Foreman will develop a schedule of the event describing the floor plan, A/V requirements, dish needs, arrival and departure times in order to schedule employees for work detail. Event security will be discussed at this meeting as well.

Any renter serving banquet style, buffet style, plated or boxed foods must have a licensed caterer prepare and cook all food when monies are exchanged for entrance to the event or to eat the food. This includes, but is not limited to, ticket sales, entrance fees and donations.

The lobby may only be utilized by the renter when half or the entire facility has been rented for their event.
The Facility shall not be held responsible for articles left on the premises.  The Facility shall assume no responsibility for losses when such losses were caused by theft or disappearance. Any items abandoned by an event, will be disposed of in an appropriate manner.

In accordance with the City of Lufkin Ordinances, the Convention Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted in the facility. It is the responsibility of the Renter to insure that attendees adhere to this policy.

The Convention Center Staff is responsible for the upkeep and overseeing of the Convention Center, and the following duties are the responsibility of the Renter: ticket sales, ticket taking, door guards, ushers, extra labor, coat check, dish washing, traffic control and loading in/out.

Rules Regarding Event Security

Security must be provided at the discretion of the Convention Center Director.  The Convention Center staff will arrange for security through the Lufkin Police Department. The payment of the security officers will be the responsibility of the renter, payable to the Convention Center.  The cost of security is separate from the rental fees as described in the contract.  The current rate of pay is $50/hr per officer.  A meeting with the Convention Center’s Chief of Security will take place along with the event’s accommodation meeting no sooner than fourteen (14) days prior to the event.

Rules Regarding Rental & Damage Deposit

A Rental and Damage Deposit is required with each rental.

The Rental Deposit is a payment in good faith paid to hold a date and is considered a partial or down payment.

Any reservations may be cancelled outside of sixty (60) days of the event without penalty. Any cancellations made within sixty (60) days of the event will result in the loss of Rental Deposit monies placed to hold the date.

The Damage Deposit is not credited toward the final invoice cost and is not considered a partial or down payment.

Damage Deposit funds will only be returned after a full facility inspection by the Convention Center Director, and all guidelines have been met.

Damage Deposit funds will be available fourteen (14) days after the event.

The following guidelines must be met in order to receive a full return of Damage Deposit monies paid:

  • All trash must be removed from the lobby, main hall, stage area and kitchen.
  • All trash must be placed in dumpster behind facility.
  • All dishes must be cleaned and washed.
  • All food must be removed from the kitchen.
  • Kitchen must be cleaned and left in the manner in which it was found.
  • No unsanitary messes left in restrooms. This includes, but is not limited to, used feminine hygiene products, diapers, and used toilet paper improperly disposed. These items MUST be placed in their proper disposal containers.
  • No excessive messes in lobby, main hall, stage area or kitchen. This includes, but is not limited to, ground-in food, carpet  stains, and gum stuck to carpet or dance floor.
  • Renter is also responsible for any damages that may happen during their event to the facility (exterior or interior) and Convention Center grounds.
  • Cancellation of the event sixty (60) days prior.

In case of emergency, renters may call 936.465.2255. All other inquiries, please refer to the Convention Center offices at 936.633.0279.

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